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The School of Advanced Dynamic Education (SADE) offers virtual BDSM classes about power exchange and authority transfer dynamics! Our live virtual BDSM classes are open to all consenting adults.

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An image of Leather BDSM equipment with the words Talk Like a Top with Danarama from who will teach voice and words in Topping
February 15, 2022
Danarama will teach effective techniques for using voice, words, and scenarios to make your scenes more dynamic and sexy than ever before.
An image of Leather BDSM handcuffs and a red rose next to each other with the words Polyamory and Power Exchange with Invictuz and BebeBlueEyes of NCSF across the image describing relationship styles
March 15, 2022
How do we balance a Power Hierarchy within other non-hierarchal, monogamous or PE relationships? Let’s dig deep into our Poly & TPE!
An image of a femme hand with red leather handcuffs on one wrist and the other handcuff dangling with the words femdom 2.0 now with less sexism with IPCookieMonster SlutPhd across the image. Describing a femme dominance.
April 19, 2022
This workshop will address some of the social issues and notable challenges that arise in the context of feminine domination and masculine submission.
An image of a kneeling woman with her partner holding her hands and the words Service that Serves Us with Lee Harrington across the front of the image
May 17, 2022
Let’s get down and dirty – talking about and working through exercises on establishing what service we really want, what we are able to give, and what drives us in service from all sides.
A silhouette of two people holding hands as they build their values-based power exchange dynamic
June 21, 2022
Beast and echo will discuss tools and tricks they used to create a strong and sustainable dynamic based on their personal values, as well as many of the ways they found that did not work for them.
Two women in an intimate embrace as one of them cries and is stressed out, her partner holds her and is looking distressed as well. The words Supporting a Stressed Out Partner with Miss Mackenzee are on the graphic
July 19, 2022
Miss Mackenzee will teach ways to honor and strengthen your power exchange dynamic, and attend to your own needs during times of stress.
An image of a red heart shaped lock on a computer keyboard with a woman's hands typing. The text on the front says Long Distance BDSM Kink Play, long distance kink with Kim Lee on August 16 at 8pm central time. hosted by SADE. To advertise the long distance bdsm kink play and long distance kink class. long distance bdsm kink play.
August 16, 2022
This class will give you a few ideas of how to keep things spicy with long distance BDSM kink play while you are separated from your partner.
An image of the silhouette of a man and a woman facing one another, with their actual images within the silhouette facing away from one another. The words on the graphic say codependent Codependency in power exchange and authority transfer dynamics taught by Farrah Bonnot MS, LPC on Sept 20 at 8pm CT hosted by SADE
September 20, 2022
It can be easy to fall into patterns of overfunctioning or underfunctioning for our partners in kink. Join Farrah Bonnot, LPC, to learn more about moving away from enmeshment and towards interdependence.
An image of a person typing on a keyboard with post it notes and reminders in a mess all around. The text on the image says productivity for service building a productivity system for service based on your core values with Hannah The Scribe
October 18, 2022
In this class, Hannah the Scribe will teach you how to build a customizable productivity for service system based on your core values.
An image of rowdy children with stressed parents and the text parenting and power exchange balancing Balancing Power Exchange / Authority Transfer with Families and Children on top of the image. Hosted by SADE on November 15 at 8pm central time.
November 15, 2022
This class will dive into the challenges & rewards of living PE/AT while raising a family.
An image of a couple kissing in the background with the text stumbling into spooky with thista minai on the front
January 17, 2023
In this class, Thista Minai explores unexpected sacredness and spirituality in kink and dynamics and how to embrace, redirect, and process these experiences.

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April 16, 2024
8:00 pm
Dan and dawn, authors of the book Hearts & Collars, lead a workshop on the most powerful and sought after aspect of a follower service. It isn’t how good you can clean, or how hot you look, or how well...

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