We’ve Got The Dynamic, Now What? w/ Stormy

You waited and longed and searched for each other for so long (or not so long) and now are in this beautiful world of power exchange…

What do we do now?

As we navigate this new world together, this class will address the very real aspect that we live in a vanilla world – with adult responsibilities. Sometimes a dynamic of any sort is not easy to navigate. Mental health, careers, kiddos, just daily life that interferes with a dynamic/powers exchange can take a toll on all sides. In this class, Stormy will show how to maintain the dynamic that you have worked so hard to establish while also dealing with the mundane world that is pulling your focus.

About the Presenter:

Stormy (They/them), previously known as Hellfire, has been involved in the overall community since 2018, and got their start in the East Texas area at a young age. In December of 2020 their power exchange began, and since then they have been exploring what power exchange, protocol, and entry level M/s means to them.
They identify with several communities within their overall kink/leather/fetish community – but to name a few they identify under the following umbrellas: little, a pup, and a right side of the slash identifying human.

They are the founder and producer of Arlington Leather United, where bi-monthly TNG/new leather events offer STI testing/PREP resources, to the LGBTQIA+ community locally and across the DFW metroplex. Stormy is active in the local political drive for change, in the state and on the federal level. They consider themselves to be an advocate for marginalized, and underrepresented folks regardless, and love discussing politics and their intersection within their lifestyle and experience.

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Event Details
  • Start Date
    May 15, 2024 8:00 pm
  • End Date
    May 15, 2024 10:00 pm
  • Organizer
ForbiddenTickets - online
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