Supporting a Stressed Out Partner

Two women in an intimate embrace as one of them cries and is stressed out, her partner holds her and is looking distressed as well. The words Supporting a Stressed Out Partner with Miss Mackenzee are on the graphic

Supporting a Stressed Out Partner


It is clear that stressful situations are an inevitable part of our journey Рespecially in today’s world. Think of a time when your partner came home from work stressed out, frustrated, and annoyed. Did it make you feel like you wish you could do something to ease their mind and help them relax? Well if so, this class is absolutely for you. It can be especially hard for a bottom to see their Top in a particularly stressed out state. Within this workshop, we will talk about how to recognize and define symptoms of stress for our partners. Come join this important conversation on learning more about helping your loved ones re-center and refocus on the positive energy in their lives. Some other topics that we will cover are:

  • Ways to honor and strengthen your power dynamic / authority transfer during times of stress
  • Attending to your own needs while helping a partner
  • Tips on ways to interact with a partner who is feeling overwhelmed
  • How to be a supportive Top
  • Solo and partnered grounding exercises
  • Creating an intentional mindset for play and connection
  • And more!

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International BDSM, Intimacy and Sexuality Educator
Miss Mackenzee is a Professional Dominatrix, Certified Erotic Hypnotist, Sexual Wellness Coach, Lifestyle and Adult Industry Mentor, International BDSM, Intimacy and Sexuality Educator, Toy and Implement Maker, and Co-host of Kink, Intimacy, and Cannabis Lounge podcast.

Yes. Our classes are for 18+ consenting adults only, and may include content that could be stressful to some attendees. We do our very best to be clear about what may be discussed in a particular class, and encourage attendees to care for own their safety and well being. We do not close our Zoom classes, so attendees are free to leave and re-enter as they wish. Additionally, attendees are not obligated to have their name or scene name listed, or their camera or microphone on at any point during the class.

This class may include (but is not limited to) discussions and depictions of the following:

1. Depictions of consensual BDSM/kink activity, nudity, and sexual activity.
2. Trauma, mental illness

Please do not hesitate to reach out to SADE Leadership with any questions regarding the content discussed in a class. We are ready and available to be a source of support and/or provide helpful resources to any attendee who may need it.

Absolutely! We encourage respectful and active participation. Please post your questions in the chat, and Leadership will ensure the presenter sees them. If you would like to ask a question anonymously, please private message any SADE leadership member during class. If you think of any after class, feel free to message us and we'll get in touch with the presenter for you!

Yes! We will email class handouts to our attendees by the end of the week of class.

For the privacy of all, and the protection of intellectual property of our presenters, we do not record any of our classes and prohibit any recording. After class notes will be sent to all attendees by the end of the week of class. Sign up for our email newsletter for free resources!

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    July 19, 2022 8:00 pm
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    July 19, 2022 10:00 pm
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