Ritual is an intentional creation of expectations and actions. Generally, defining these actions and contexts clearly. They can be religious or spiritual, but do not have to be. In most cases, they carry an element of spirituality to them. However, defining that “spiritual” meaning is adaptable.

In the context of PE/AT dynamics, these can be protocols, self-care, or much more – connecting you to your dynamic and to your identity. And, are a very powerful tool to connect with your partner(s).

A ritual can be as simple as hugging when you see your partner, to specific poses and actions.

Above all, understanding your needs for (or against) having ritual in your dynamic enhances your relationships.

An image of a couple kissing in the background with the text stumbling into spooky with thista minai on the front
January 17, 2023
8:00 pm
In this class, Thista Minai explores unexpected sacredness and spirituality in kink and dynamics and how to embrace, redirect, and process these experiences.

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April 19, 2023
8:00 pm
Led by the prismatic duo of the 2022 Texas Power Exchange title, Phoenix and lucky, this virtual class will delve into the art of effective apologies in power exchange dynamics. We will explore the common challenges and nuances of apologizing within a power exchange relationship, and offer practical techniques to help you apologize in a way that honors your power exchange dynamic.

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