Family and Parenting

Much like any relationship, kink and BDSM dynamics do not exist in a vacuum. Often, a dynamic has to adapt to the existing relationships and dynamics around it. And, in some cases, may not even work if the other relationships are not factored in and considered. Family and parenting can be a huge topic within kink and BDSM dynamics. Often, met with challenges similar, if not entirely the same, to the ones vanilla couples may face with family and parenting.

These subjects specifically address the challenges and special considerations for people in BDSM dynamics and relationships who have children. Most notably, regardless of their ages and living situations.

An image of rowdy children with stressed parents and the text parenting and power exchange balancing Balancing Power Exchange / Authority Transfer with Families and Children on top of the image. Hosted by SADE on November 15 at 8pm central time.
November 15, 2022
8:00 pm
This class will dive into the challenges & rewards of living PE/AT while raising a family.

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